1 comment where I’m keeping a list of keywords I’m starting to build up for some art and other purposes. I’m starting to link google book searches for pre 1922 searches on these so that I’ll be able to find public domain images inside of pdf files that I can use for some 3d projects and maybe even some 2d projects. This thing is sort of starting to become like a gigantic visual dictionary for me to use in some projects that I’m going to be doing later. I’m posting the link here since it might be of use to others besides me.

There’s a huge wealth of information, images, history and literature here. Remember, since it’s public domain, you can make use of it for various reasons. I mainly plan to use some of this stuff for poems, artistic ideas, starting points for 3d project references, and just plain ol fun reading. This type of stuff has always amazed and astounded me. I love learning. I love connecting the dots between various parts of life. This is part of our shared history of the world. Embrace it. Love it. Learn from.
Contribute to it.

By the way, this way of looking for public domain stuff is MUCH more visually stimulating then reading ol text files at project guttenburg that were printed 10-20 years ago, etc.


Posted August 4, 2010 by Jeff Thomann in links, public domain

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  1. i want to my docs.

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